A LITTLE MAGIC: The Trish & Cinnar Story

Helfgott-Turner Productions is proud to announce the start of a great crowd funding campaign for our newest motion picture. Based on the true story of Trish Kanzler and her red Siberian, Cinnar, “A LITTLE MAGIC: The Trish & Cinnar Story” is a heartfelt and uplifting drama about a teenage girl and her unusual dog that starts out as an impossible quest to win Top Dog. It is a story of love, growth, excitement, disappointment, loss, redemption and ultimate victory that culminates when Cinnar gets his ear bitten off, but still shows up at Westminster. There Trish takes him into Breed… and wins. She takes him into Group… and wins. Then she takes him into Best in Show…


And there she is… a young girl… a dilute Siberian missing part of his ear… against the greatest dogs and professional handlers this sport has. And the rest, as they say, is history when they pull off the impossible and win Westminster. It is an amazing story that shows the love we all have for dogs.

We are excited to be working with a top-notch team, including director Roger Young, director of photography Donald Morgan, and composer Patrick Williams. All three of them are multi award winners, with EMMYS, DGA awards, ASC awards, GRAMMYS, even OSCAR nominations under their belts.

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